5 things RVers wish other drivers knew

Anyone who’s ever hauled a camper or driven a motorhome can probably recall a few stories about the crazy things they’ve seen or experienced while driving down the road. Although the average driver is courteous and responsible, there are some drivers who could use a few pointers. So here are five things RVers like us wish other drivers knew:

5 Things RVers wish other drivers knew

1. Please don’t merge right in front of us and allow us no room for braking.

Because of our bigger size, it takes more distance and more time for travel trailers or motor homes to brake safely. We try to leave adequate space in front of us to allow for reaction time, but it’s hard to maintain that safe distance when vehicles are whipping in and out of the lane right in front of us. So please remember to allow plenty of room when changing lanes.

2. Please don’t park in the “RV/Bus” lanes at places like Cracker Barrel and rest areas.

As you can imagine, parking a camper isn’t the easiest task due to its length and the difficulty with backing up. RVers often have to get creative with where and how to park. Some places (like Cracker Barrels, gas stations, and rest areas) often provide special areas for campers to park—and even advertise that special parking as a way to get RVers to stop. But we’ve frequently pulled into places only to discover a row of cars have decided to park in the camper/bus parking–and there are no other parking options available for a camper.

3. Please don’t hang out in our blind spot.

Not only is it an unsafe spot to be, but in the event we need to make a sudden lane change, it limits where an RVer can go.

4. Please don’t ride our bumper.

It’s hard for RVers to see who’s behind them when cars are practically riding on the camper’s bumper. For your safety, stay back far enough so we can see you. (The standard rule of thumb is to stay back one car length for every 10 mph you are driving.)

5. If you see a camper with a blinker on trying to merge into another lane, please give him/her a hand.

Especially during heavy traffic, it can be very difficult for RVers to switch lanes or even merge onto the highway. If you are able, give them a hand by making room for them to merge. That might mean accelerating to get out of their way, reducing your speed to make room, or even switching out of your lane to create a merge spot.


So those are a few things RVers wish other drivers knew. Any other pointers you would like to share? If so, leave a comment below. Stay safe out there!

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