Burn notice: The update

Lint Fire Starters

Before our last camping trip of the year I experimented with making some of the various fire starter ideas I had seen on Pinterest. I shared one of the ideas with you earlier and promised to update you. So here we go:

The Egg Carton Lint Starters:


These burned, but not as well or as long as we had expected. It’s possible I didn’t use enough wax to saturate the lint. Thus, this will need some more experimenting before I determine whether it’s worth the effort.

The Lint-Stuffed Toilet Paper Tube:


These are ridiculously easy to make: Take a toilet paper tube and stuff as much lint into it as will fit, then fold the ends in.


Add it to your wood in the fire ring. Jarrett included some crumpled up newspaper and twigs.


Use a lighter or match to ignite the toilet paper tube. And presto … this fire took off.


Jarrett was really impressed with how quickly this fire starter worked. Can’t beat how cheap and easy they are to prep! So we’ll definitely be making more of the lint-stuffed toilet paper rolls in the future.

If you have any other great fire starter ideas, be sure to share them over on the Facebook page.

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