Charlotte/Fort Mill KOA, Fort Mill, S.C.

  • Charlotte/Fort Mill KOA Campground
  • Site 99
  • Another site was located immediately behind ours, as well as to the left and right.
  • Site 100
  • Women's bathroom
  • Men's bathroom

We used the Charlotte/Fort Mill KOA campground in Fort Mill, S.C.–just outside of Charlotte, N.C.–as a stop-over en route to Charleston, S.C., and Savannah, Ga. At the time of our stay, the campground was undergoing construction and renovations due to a newly erected supermarket next door.

Our general impression of the campground was that most of the sites were on top of each other and on a busy weekend in the summer (or when a NASCAR event is in town) I imagine this place gets pretty crowded. Fortunately for us, it was still the off-season, as we have no idea how we would have gotten our camper in and out of our site if there had been other campers in the adjacent campsites. I had hoped to not even have to unhook the camper during our stay, but the site pad area barely accommodated our camper, so staying hooked up was not an option. As it was, I barely could hook/unhook the van from the camper due to the cabin area directly across the street from our site that allowed very little wiggle room to navigate. In the area where our site was located you not only had neighbors to your right and left, but also directly behind (or in front of) you.

We didn’t have a lot of time to explore the campground since we were just there the one night, but we did observe the following:

  • The bathrooms, although dated, got Kristin’s stamp of approval. They were clean and showers had hot water.
  • This KOA campground was the site of a Halloween-themed haunted attraction during the month of October. The event is open to the public and therefore during that period of time there may be increased nightly traffic at the campground.
  • Although we did not feel unsafe at this campground, it is located in a high-traffic area off a busy road.
  • Due to the campground’s proximity to major roads, pulling out of the campground would be problematic at high-traffic times since there is no traffic light and you have to turn left to get to the highway.

Date of visit: Feb. 28, 2014

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