DIY kids’ travel activity binder

DIY Kid's Travel Activity Binder

For our upcoming camping and touring trip I wanted to make the kiddos a travel binder of activities to keep them busy in the car. This is going to be the longest trip they’ve taken thus far, so I know the key to a peaceful ride is going to be keeping them busy–or napping would work too!

I scrolled Pinterest and found bunches of ideas–who knew there were so many free printables available on the world wide web?! I created a DIY Kids’ Travel Activity Binder Pinterest board where I pinned all the printable ideas I included in these binders, so if you see something you would like to print, head over there for direct links.

To make these fun binders I first picked up different color three-ring binders at Walmart–pink for Sweet Pea, blue for Flash, and green for our little Tornado. I liked the ones with the sleeve on the front so that I could personalize them if I wanted to–I just didn’t get that far yet.

I already had three pocket-tab dividers on hand, so I put one in each binder to hold a Disney-themed coloring book. In the front pocket of each binder I slipped in a license plate game printable so that the kiddos could quickly find it and color in license plates as we see them.

I found lots of Disney related printables: mazes, word searches, dot-to-dots, etc. I slipped two sheets (back to back) into page protectors. Each binder has a little zippered pouch (I found Crayola ones at Walmart in the office supply section) and dry erase markers (from the Dollar Tree) that the kiddos can use on these plastic sheets.

I found these cute printable “sticker scenes” that I thought would work great with some Disney stickers I found at the Dollar Tree.

I also tore pages out of a few activity books we already had on hand and slipped those into page protectors as well. We have a store called Ollies that carries lots of workbooks for super cheap prices; dollar stores also have a nice selection of similar products.

DIY Kids' Travel Activity Binder

In addition to the dry erase markers, I plan to slip crayons and pencils into the zippered pouches for the kiddos to use on the sticker scenes and for their coloring books. Sweet Pea saw me working on this project and now she can’t wait to start using it on the trip. I think it will at least keep them busy for a few hours!

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