Favorite Things: September 2016

At the beginning of the year we launched this “Favorite Things” series as a way to highlight some of the fun things going on behind the scenes here at The Touring Camper. We try to post daily over on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter, but a lot of what we post on social media we never get a chance to share on the blog. So here are some of our favorite moments from September:


This was kind of a rough month for our family as we’ve wrestled with some of the tougher sides of life. My jet-setting, adventuring-seeking grandma had to slow down a few months ago when a cancer diagnosis rocked our worlds. She had once battled and defeated the ugly disease. She never lost her spunk or her zest for life, so even at 87 years young she fought hard to beat it again. It just wasn’t to be this time, though, and she passed into Glory earlier this week. One of the last things I told her was, “Thank you–thank you Grandma for the memories.” To which she replied, “It was my joy.” Her song may have ended, but her melody lives on in our hearts and minds.

saying goodbye is hard

Amid the sadness of this month, though, we had a few favorite moments to share:

1. Camping cake

Our son wanted a camping cake to celebrate his seventh birthday earlier this month and of course I was happy to oblige! (I’ve only been pinning ideas on Pinterest for like two years just waiting for someone to ask!) We had fun adding in some extra details like the epic catch and the Lego “marshmallow” roasting stick.

camping cake

2. Homemade gifts

Jarrett and I were pretty stoked about our handiwork for Flash’s birthday gift. Over the last year he has taken up keychain collecting, but his collection was clipped onto a ring on his flashlight, which he took with him on all his camping trips. Things were getting ridiculously heavy and it was clear we needed a keychain intervention. So here’s what we came up with! A keychain display case with rods he can easily slide in and out when he wants to add to his collection.

keychain display frame

3. Family game night

Our whole family is LOVING Ticket To Ride. Although the kiddos still need a little help from time to time with strategy, it’s been the perfect game for family night. Finding a game that both kids and adults look forward to playing is sometimes hard, so this one is a winner.

family game night

How about you: What were your favorite things of September? You can share in the comment section below.

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