New camper? Here is the essential gear!

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Towing Safely:

We have tried a few different types of mirrors but I have found these to be the best so far! Here is the full article on these mirrors.

Leveling the camper:

When I see someone under their camper cranking down their jacks I want to go over and suggest this rather inexpensive adapter for your cordless drill.  This makes running the jacks up and down simple.

If you don’t have a drill this is my favorite choice.

I have tried different levelers and these Anderson quick jacks are the best!  If you have two axles you will need to by the set of two so you have one for each wheel on the side you need to raise. They also work great as wheel chocks!

These chocks I have found to be very effective on a variety of surfaces as they have built in grips that seem to work in a variety of situations.

If you have a tandem axle trailer we really feel Xchocks are a must! These are for narrow wheel base axles, but they do make them for spread axles as well.

We have given up on stick on camper levels.  Our process is simply to open the camper door and place a level on inside floor to determine when the camper is level. This level is pretty neat as you can see both directions (front/back and side-to-side) at the same time.

I have tried both types of these interlocking blocks and I like the Camco ones better.  I don;t use them for leveling wheels (see Anderson jack above) but these are great for under my jacks.

Hooking electric up:

We have a 30 amp camper but when we are at home getting it ready I often need to plug in the fridge and run lights.  This reducer allows me to do just that.  NOTE: DO NOT RUN ANY AC UNITS, MICROWAVES, HOT WATER TANKS, ETC WHEN USING THIS REDUCER!

I don’t own this yet…but it is on the list for when we have Tilley.

If your camper has a disconnecting chord you will need something like this to keep it managed.  I know others who use buckets or bins for electrical chords and water hoses.


Hooking water and sewer up:

RV parks have a wide variety of water pressures and some are WAY to high for RV plumbing.  This is a MUST HAVE to protect your camper pipes.

We have found that 25′ of hose is not enough and typically 75′ is too much…this 50′ should meet most applications if you only wanted to carry one hose.

This heated hose was a recent purchase and for cold weather camping IT IS A MUST.  When the temps dropped into the teens and neighbors had exterior spigots freeze we had no problems.

This is your slightly better than basic sewer hose.

Disposable gloves for the dump station is a must!

Bike Rack:

If you are looking for a bike rack for over your hitch this is a new option that looks pretty neat.  (You can also see my custom make one here.)

Basic Camp Tools:

I don’t carry an extensive set of tools but this would be an adequate set all tucked in a neat box.

This hatchet was my father’s day present last year and it has been great!

I always keep a set of welding or BBQ gloves in the camper to use around the fire.

We LOVE our mini Armor All shop vac!

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