One-Pot Camping Soup

Coming up with new meal ideas for camping that are simple and a crowd-pleaser–particularly for the kids–can be challenging. So today we wanted to share with you a fun idea Jarrett recently learned about through our local scouting group. It’s a one-pot camping soup that kids have fun making and eating.

One pot camping soup

The concept is this: Each camper brings his/her favorite soup (we were told it’s best to avoid cream-based soups, and soups that have seafood in them, like clam chowder). Then all of the soups get combined into one pot.

We decided to give this camping soup a try on our fall trip, and it was the perfect meal for a cold day! Our kiddos liked that each of their favorite soups were incorporated: chicken noodle for Sweetpea, tomato for Flash, and ABC pasta soup for our littlest, Tornado. He does not usually like soups, but he ate this one because he had fun searching for the ABCs as he ate.

one pot camping soup

Disclaimer: This recipe is not fancy. It’s probably not very healthy. And you’re probably not going to consider it the best bowl of soup you ever had. But, it’s fun for the kids. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to make. And camping is supposed to be fun and simple.


  • 1 can of soup per person (no seafood or cream based soups)


Mix all of the soups together in a pot, either on the stove or over a fire. If you are using any condensed soups, you may need to add some water to thin as desired. Heat through and serve. You could top the bowls of soup with cheese and soup crackers if desired.

Now isn’t that ridiculously simple. 🙂

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