Rockin’ good times

Last year I saw a fun idea on Pinterest that I decided our family was going to embrace this camping season: rock collecting. Wait, wait. Before you roll your eyes and move on, this isn’t just rock collecting. It’s memories collecting, too.

Create a Memory Jar

At each of the campgrounds we visited this season, we picked up a rock representative of the area we camped. We have a deep blue rock from Indiana Dunes lakeshore, a pale pink from Montana, and a crystal speckled one from South Dakota’s Black Hills. The kids helped us find rocks at each stop to add to our family memory jar, and it was a lot of fun for them to discover rocks of different types and colors. (Score for a way to tie it into geology and a mini homeschooling lesson!)

Create a memory jar with rocks

When we returned home I used a Sharpie to write the name of the campground and the date of our visit. Then we (carefully) dropped them into a glass mason jar. Over time as we add more rocks I’ll need a bigger storage vessel. I envision a nice big glass jug or crock that will make a wonderful conversation starter for entertaining–and a fun way to reminisce as a family on cold winter nights when we are dreaming of another camping season.

Create a memory jar with rocks

One caveat to this memory maker: Please be respectful of park rules. Some locations ask you not to remove rocks or other natural items–the Badlands is one example. I know taking one little rock might seem like a small thing, but preserving these parks and sites for future generations begins with us conserving them today.

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