Spot on, spot off … and a giveaway!

Whenever we get home from a camping trip, we like to unload and then spend a little bit of time cleaning the camper so she’s all ready to go the next time. While I’m usually in charge of the inside, Jarrett tackles the outside. Typically he uses an all-purpose cleaner from Charlie’s. But recently 303 Products sent us a box of samples to try out on the camper and we did some experimenting to get our camper extra clean. Read on to see the products in use and find out how you could win your own sample pack.

Note: Although 303 sent us a box of samples to try out, all opinions are our own. This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of the links, we will receive a small commission at no additional charge to you. Thank you for supporting The Touring Camper!

When it comes to cleaning the camper, Jarrett has a set system he follows to get the camper sparkling clean. He always starts by cleaning the camper roof. After he gets it all sprayed off he moves to the sides of the camper. He used 303’s multi surface spray cleaner and the microfiber towels to help wash away the road dirt we collected on our last trip. Then he unrolled the awning and used the multi-surface spray to clean off the pollen that had collected. Once the main camper was clean and dry, he applied 303 UV Protectant spray to the camper’s tires.

Check out this video of Jarrett going to town cleaning the camper the 303 way:

Note: We did not use the 303 cleaning products on the camper’s roof because not all cleaning products are safe to use on all camper roofs, and in this case we weren’t sure so we erred on the side of caution. Before cleaning your camper with any products, we suggest checking with your camper manufacturer for cleaning recommendations.

Next up was tackling the inside of our camper. At some point our children had accidentally decorated our couch with marker streaks while coloring on a rainy camping day. I had tried before to get the stains out to no avail–so I wasn’t very optimistic the 303 spot remover would work. But in the end I was really impressed when all of the marker came out. After the couch had completely dried Jarrett applied the 303 stain guard to hopefully ward off any future stains. Check it out here:

So now that you’ve seen us get our camper all gussied up, we thought it would be fun to team up with 303 and offer a little giveaway for you all. So for your chance to win a sample pack of some of the 303 products we tested, head over to Instagram, find the giveaway photo post in our feed, and follow the instructions there. The contest concludes at the end of the day June 26.

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