What to flush (in a camper)

What to Flush in a camper

Earlier this year I shared about how poop wipes almost ruined our camping trip, and I promised to follow up with an experiment to discover toilet paper brands that should work better in a camper bathroom. I modeled my experiment after one that Gone with the Wynns did, but I wanted to try different toilet paper brands in hopes of finding the most economical and practical brand to use in our camper. My quest was to find a decent toilet paper (i.e. NOT tissue-paper thin) that still broke down well and would therefore help prevent clogs in our camper sewer system. (Because let’s be honest: If my kids end up wadding up a ton of tissue-paper-thin toilet paper to get the job done, I’m still likely to have a clog issue!)

Camper toilet paper So for this experiment I tried: Great Value’s Ultra Strong, Costco’s Kirkland Ultra Soft (the single roll pictured), Scott’s Rapid Dissolving, Aldi’s Willow 1000, and Angel Soft. For the experiment I tore off three squares of each toilet paper, put them in a Ziploc plastic bowl with water, put the lid on, and gave each container a shake. Then I let them sit for about 15 minutes. Here is what I found:

Aldi Willow 1000 TP

Aldi’s Willow 1000 toilet paper was the thinnest of the toilet papers I sampled. I thought because of how thin it was it would break down the best, but as you can see in the picture, it was still holding together quite well. If I tried picking it up it started to break apart, but it did not break down as well as other brands. Final verdict: It was too thin for comfort and didn’t break down quickly, so I will not use it in the camper.

Angel Soft toilet paper

The Angel Soft toilet paper did not break down quickly in the water either. It was thicker than the Willow and held together more. It only broke apart when I tried picking it up. Final Verdict: It didn’t break down quickly enough, so I will not use it in the camper.

Costco toilet paper

Costco’s Kirkland Ultra Soft toilet paper was probably the nicest of the toilet papers sampled, but it held together the most (even when I tried picking it up, the pieces held together and clumped up) so therefore it would not work well in an RV toilet system. Final Verdict: No.

Scott Rapid Dissolve

The Scott Rapid-Dissolving toilet paper performed the best of those I sampled. It began breaking apart quickly, and it did so without me trying to pick it up. Although it is thinner than Costco’s Kirkland brand toilet paper, it was much nicer than the tissue-paper-thin Aldi WIllow brand. It cost $3.17 for four rolls at Walmart. Final verdict: We would use this in the camper.

Great Value toilet paper

Great Value’s Ultra Strong toilet paper was the surprise performer from my experimentation. It was thicker than the Scott Rapid-Dissolving, yet it broke apart in the water. (I even repeated the test with this brand to make sure the results were consistent.) Although it didn’t disintegrate as quickly as the Scott brand, it was breaking down well in the water. It cost $3.36 for six rolls at Walmart. Final Verdict: We would use this in the camper.

Now of course, companies often change how they manufacture their products, so I may need to revisit this experiment. And I recommend you do your own experimentation before deciding which product to use in your camper. The best types of toilet paper to experiment with are brands labeled “septic safe.” Do you have any recommendations for other brands that work well in your camper bathroom? If so please share over on our Facebook page.

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