Why we joined the Good Sam Club

One of our most popular posts here at The Touring Camper is “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” which details the mistakes we have made with our camper. One of our most epic bloopers happened when the unhooked camper rolled forward and sunk the tongue into the ground. After thanking God that no one was hurt and that we had moved the van out of the way just minutes before–otherwise the van likely would have had a puncture wound to the back end–I realized I was going to need *some* help rectifying the situation. Fortunately, I knew just who to call because we had recently become members of the Good Sam Club Roadside Assistance program.

Given the number of comments we get on the “Series of Unfortunate Events” post from other RVers sharing their own mishaps–some of them are hysterical, by the way!–joining some kind of roadside assistance program is something all RVers should consider doing. Then when the unexpected happens–like a motorhome breakdown, a camper flat tire, or another unforeseen traveling disaster–you too will know just who to call.

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Many people are familiar with roadside assistance companies like AAA, but when it comes to RVs and campers, we found there were two main companies providing emergency roadside service: Coach-Net and Good Sam Club. As I debated which company to go with, I did a lot of online research–and after reading a bunch of camping boards I found that there were lovers and haters of both companies. So how did I decide? Well, I started comparing what each company offered under each plan. And I read the fine print. (Always read the fine print for those exclusions and exceptions!)

In the end we decided to go with the Good Sam Club since the coverage we purchased could also be used on our van even when it’s not towing a camper. Under the plan we have services such as winch out (in the event we get stuck), tire change service, towing (for van AND camper), etc. While these services may sound much like a AAA roadside assistance plan, the main difference is that Good Sam contracts with wrecking services that have equipment large enough to safely assist RVs and campers.

When we signed up for the roadside assistance, we also became members of the Good Sam Club, which is essentially a perks program that also gives access to my favorite new camping tool: the Good Sam Trip Planner. Since Good Sam offers several different products, determining what you need or want to purchase can be a bit confusing. So to try to simplify things, below is a quick description of each Good Sam product with a link to that product.

Good Sam Club: A perks program that offers:

  • Good Sam Campground discounts
  • Good Sam Trip Planner (see a how-to video here)
  • Camping World discounts
  • Flying J fuel discounts
  • Plus discounts on other Good Sam products

Good Sam Roadside Assistance: Think of this as AAA for RVs and campers with benefits that include:

    • Protection for RV, Auto, Motorcycle, Boat Trailers
    • Protection for Spouse & Dependent Children
    • Unlimited Distance Towing to the Nearest Service Center
    • Vehicle Battery / Jump-start Service
    • Flat Tire Service / RV Tire Delivery
    • Emergency Fuel / Fluid Delivery
    • Trip Interruption Assistance ($1,200)
    • Automotive Locksmith Service
    • RV Mobile Mechanic Dispatch

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

Good Sam Extended Service Plan: This is an extended warranty that defers the cost of certain repairs at certified dealers. Also, if you break down while more than 100 miles from home, this plan will cover the cost of lodging and meals for up to 10 days while your camper is undergoing repairs.Good Sam ESP

Good Sam Insurance: Good Sam has their own full-service insurance company. They have many different insurance options including:

      • Vehicle and RV liability and collision coverage
      • Personal Life & Health Insurance
      • Travel Insurance

How about you? Have you invested in an RV roadside assistance program? Who did you go with and why?

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Why we joined the Good Sam Club

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  1. Kimberly Anderson

    Love your blog! We have had a fifth wheel in the past and bought an rv yesterday. Excited for our first trip and your blog is a wealth of information for us!

    1. Kristin

      Hi Kimberly–thanks so much for stopping by and reading! And thank you for your kind words. 🙂 Congrats on the new camper!

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